Friday, September 26, 2008

IRS Letter

You’ve got mail! We’re not talking about a friendly email you have received from a friend. We’re talking about mail from the IRS that arrives at your home by certified mail. If you have received this type of mail from the IRS DO NOT IGNORE IT! Open it immediately and respond! Whenever the IRS sends certified mail to someone they are trying to get their attention to let them know they are getting ready to take specific action against them. A response is needed.

If you have received such a letter your best bet is to contact a tax professional to help you with your problem. The chances are very good you are about to get your wages and/or your bank account levied (forcefully taken by the federal government). The IRS is serious about collecting from you. Fortunately there are options available to help with this and calling the IRS yourself is NOT the right answer (the letters will suggest you call the IRS)! The best bet is to contact a tax resolution firm who employs former IRS agents who know how to apply the tax laws to YOUR benefit and NOT to the benefit of the IRS. Your problems can be resolved, but it’s up to you. Take action NOW if you have received one of these letters. Get help now!

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