Thursday, September 4, 2008

Help! I'm Getting Levied!

Help! I’m Getting Levied!

If you get a notice that you are going to be levied by the IRS you need to get help immediately! When the IRS notifies you are getting levied you need to take action to stop this process ASAP! The IRS has the authority (and the power) to have your employer send a significant portion of your pay check directly to the IRS as payment toward your IRS debt. The amount the IRS can take varies depending on your filing status.

You will know if you are getting levied because the IRS will send you a notification in the mail. The notification you will receive will be either a “CP504 – Urgent!! We intend to levy on certain assets. Please respond NOW” or an “L1058 - CALL IMMEDIATELY TO PREVENT PROPERTY LOSS – FINAL NOTICE TO INTENT TO LEVY AND NOTICE OF YOUR RIGHT TO A HEARING” These notices are your last chance to take action. If you receive either of these notifications you need to call a professional tax resolution specialist.

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