Friday, June 12, 2009

IRS Secrets

This may be the single most important blog you will ever read if you have issues with the IRS. Before you read this blog I want to provide the reader with four definitions Merriam-Webster gives for the word “secret.” Merriam-Webster writes that a secret is something that is “kept from knowledge or view” “working with hidden aims or methods” “not acknowledged” and “designed to elude observation or detection.” As you read this blog I want you to keep these definitions in mind.

The IRS maintains a file on each and every taxpayer. This file is “kept from knowledge or view” due to the fact that the IRS is highly reluctant to grant individual taxpayers access to their IRS file. Information contained in this “secret file” can be invaluable to anyone who has issues with the IRS. The information contained in the file can be used to help the taxpayer understand where they are in the collection process, how much they owe, how penalties have accrued, when the liabilities expire and much more.

The firm I work for has very recently introduced a revolutionary service to taxpayers which will allow taxpayers to obtain full information from their “secret” IRS file! Any reader desiring to know the contents of their IRS “secret file” should contact me at the toll-free number listed on my blog. One last note…obtaining a copy of the file will not bring attention to the one requesting the file. Don’t wait! Find out today!

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