Friday, June 26, 2009

IRS Help

Do you have a tax problem with the IRS and need help? If so then I would recommend calling a tax professional. In my experience in dealing with IRS tax matters most taxpayers who have problems with the IRS seldom know what the issue really is. Furthermore it is very difficult for the taxpayer to retrieve the necessary information from the IRS in order to determine what their problem is and how to fix it.

A tax professional will usually take a taxpayer through a few steps that are required to resolve a taxpayers issue with the IRS. Usually the most complex type of personal income tax problem is when a taxpayer has unfiled tax returns and owes the IRS money. A tax professional can be very helpful here. Step 1 is to retrieve and analyze the taxpayer’s masterfile and income transcripts. Step 2 is to file the unfiled returns using the income information and other relevant information from the taxpayer’s masterfile and income transcripts. Step 3 occurs after the returns have been filed and the total liability is known.

This is the resolution phase. This is when the tax professional begins the process of negotiating directly with the IRS to get the final tax liability resolved. These steps may sound simple whereas in reality they can be quite complex. If you need help and are considering going it alone think again! Taking on the IRS without any knowledge of how the organization operates can be very costly! You would be wise to, at the very least, consult with a tax professional.


jaybee said...

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karvsmith said...

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