Friday, June 26, 2009

IRS Certified Letters

One of the most common reasons taxpayers call my firm is in response to certified letters from the IRS. Whenever a taxpayer receives mail of this nature it is usually not a good thing. The IRS is attempting to send a taxpayer a serious communication and these letters usually indicate that the IRS is attempting to collect a debt. This mail should be opened immediately, read and responded to as quickly as possible.

If the taxpayer is in collections with the IRS they will receive two certified letters spaced about 30 days apart. The first letter is an initial notice. The second is a final notice. The bottom line is the IRS means serious business and they will take action. The IRS is a priority creditor and needs to be given the full attention of the taxpayer. If you find yourself in this position call someone to represent you before the IRS and do it quick because time is NOT on your side.

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