Friday, December 12, 2008

I Can't Find My W2s Or My 1099s

It is not uncommon at all to have a situation where a taxpayer has gone a long period of time with unfiled tax returns and cannot find their W2s or 1099s from prior years. This can create a severe problem for the taxpayer if they have someone prepare their taxes that doesn’t really know how to approach the problem. This is when it becomes necessary to get a professional tax preparer involved with the case.

The first thing a professional tax preparer will do will be to contact the IRS and obtain all of the information the IRS has in regards to the amount of income that the IRS has record of for the taxpayer. The tax professional will then verify this with the taxpayer to make sure it is correct. Once everything checks out then the tax professional will proceed with filling out the delinquent tax returns with the correct income information. This will save the taxpayer from many problems in the future!

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