Friday, December 12, 2008

Beware Of The Taxman!

It’s December and Christmas is right around the corner and so is the taxman! Whenever a taxpayer owes the taxman money (the IRS) the taxman will contact the taxpayer and ask for his money. If the taxman does not get a response then the taxman will knock a little louder. If the taxman still does not get a response then the taxman will go to the taxpayers employer and say, “Mr. Employer, one of your employers owes me money. I have tried contacting your employee and they have not responded. Therefore I am demanding you (the employer) to send me a big chunk of your employee’s paycheck BEFORE you send anything to the employee.”

This is known as a levy and this is what the IRS will do if a taxpayer does not pay the IRS when the IRS comes knocking. There’s some good news however for the month of December from what I understand. The IRS will not be issuing notices of levies in the month of December! Great! This is very good news! But don’t be fooled! The IRS is just playing nice for the Christmas season. Once December passes the IRS will begin serving notices of tax levies hard and heavy beginning in January. If you get one of these notices call someone qualified to help with this situation. So as January approaches remember this, beware of the taxman! He’s just around the corner!

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