Friday, October 10, 2008

IRS Tax Problems – Tax Returns

The federal income tax return is a complicated document that most U.S. citizens are required to file each tax year. Tax laws are very complicated and the rules are often hard to interpret and understand. Taxpayers sometimes find themselves in a position where they have not filed their returns for a few years. This is NOT a good situation to be in. The most important thing is to get unfiled returns filed QUICKLY!

Many complications can arise from returns that are not filed correctly. One of the most common problems is being audited. The IRS conducts a “tax match” on all returns filed with the IRS. The first thing the IRS system looks at is whether or not the income the taxpayer reported “matches” with what the IRS has on file. If it does not the return is “flagged” for further review. This can ultimately lead to an audit. When considering filling out your tax returns yourself you must be sure you have your income numbers correct.

One advantage to utilizing a professional tax firm to assist you with this is that the firm should contact the IRS to review your taxpayer history and retrieve all the income figures reported to the IRS that the taxpayer earned for the tax return years being completed. This is one of the BEST “tax tips” for anyone with unfiled tax returns. There are some really good tax professionals our there that can help you with this.

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