Friday, October 24, 2008

Calling The IRS

Have you ever received a letter from the IRS concerning a tax debt and the letter told you to call the IRS in order for you to work out the problem with them? If so then you may want to exercise a little bit of caution before calling. Often times the person you will reach when you call will be very friendly and will ask you lots of questions. It will appear the IRS has your best interest at hand, but the likelihood of this being true is slim to none.

The person you reach at the IRS is trained to get as much information from you as they possibly can for the sole purpose of collecting the maximum amount of money they possibly can from you! All taxpayers have rights and most taxpayers do not know those rights. This being the case many taxpayers are taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge and complete inexperience in dealing with the IRS. As a result they wind up paying more money than they ever should. If you receive a letter of this nature you would do well to contact a professional tax resolution firm to help with this matter.

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