Friday, March 6, 2009

IRS Non-Filers – Part I

Are you a “non-filer”? Were you a regular filer at some point in time and then, for whatever reason, drop out of the IRS system and have been wondering how to get back in “the system”? If so then it may not be a difficult as you think. As a tax consultant I encounter people with this concern quite frequently. For whatever reason they simply dropped out of the system and don’t know how to get back in.
First of all if a taxpayer has filed for the last 6 years plus the current year the IRS considers the taxpayer to be compliant. So all that is needed is to get these years filed and you are “back in the system!” Once these returns have been filed the IRS will consider you compliant and you simply move forward with filing all future returns on time and you should not have any more problems or concerns with the IRS. If you are not compliant I urge you to get compliant as soon as possible. Failure to do so will certainly cause huge problems at some point.

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