Friday, November 21, 2008

A Stroke Of Genius

The other day I overheard a conversation that I found to be incredible. I overheard an astute businessman talking about the stimulus package the U.S government recently handed out to millions of taxpayers. I have wondered why the government did this. Anyone who has been living for more than 6 minutes knows that nothing in this life is free (except God’s love). Why then would the government give out billions of dollars for “free?” This topic came up in conversation the other day and one person said, “I believe that the stimulus package was a stroke of genius on behalf of the IRS (the U.S. Treasury Department).”

This person went on to explain that there were many taxpayers who had not filed their tax returns in many years. One stipulation of the stimulus package was that in order for a taxpayer to receive it they had to file their income tax returns. When many taxpayers did not receive their stimulus checks they called the IRS to check on it. After gathering all the necessary information on the taxpayer the IRS would then seek to collect on the unfiled taxpayers according to the man I overheard speaking. This seemed to make sense to me.
My interpretation of all of this was that the government used the stimulus package to uncover millions and even billions of more dollars owed to the IRS and the IRS would then begin the process of collecting on these individuals. Maybe this was the original intent. One thing is for sure, there seems to have been a large number of people calling our company in an effort to get back into compliance with the IRS.

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